Twilight Imperium

All day yesterday, I played Twilight Imperium, 3rd edition with my friend Jon, my brother Emil, and his girlfriend Helene. Basically, you each take on the role of a space empire that starts expanding from its home system, colonizing neighboring planets, and fighting space battles with the other players when they want the same planets you do. All the usual details like planetary invasion, technology advances, and political bickering in the imperial senate are there too. In all, there are about a million tiny plastic ships to move around, and a bajillion cards of various types. And a 44-page rule book. Twilight Imperium in progress

It all makes for a very nice game, but it takes a bit too long to play to be entirely practical. We started just after eleven, and even though she complained several times that the rest of us weren’t playing fast enough, it took Helene until about nine in the evening to beat us.